With uncertain and constantly evolving regulatory landscape, increasing customer demands and significant cost pressures, healthcare seeks the expertise of technology companies to leverage innovative enterprise applications and consumer solutions that can help providers, payers and patients deliver, manage and navigate their healthcare more effectively and efficiently.

Technology companies now look to tap into the potentials of new and emerging technologies like big data, cloud, AI, Machine learning, advanced analytics etc. to deliver enhanced solutions and enable their customers to meet their needs and drive innovation in healthcare.

Faichi offers a wide variety of services, solutions and frameworks to help technology companies, payers and providers develop advanced future-focused applications and solutions.  With strong experience over the last XX years working with healthcare technology companies, payers and providers, Faichi has built extensive experience and expertise in helping deliver on the customers’ vision in a variety of care settings.

Backed by Saksoft’s 1500+ strong development team, and well versed in enterprise mobility, interoperability, quality & advanced analytics, robotics process automation, cloud, dev ops, automation testing and more strengthened by deep understanding of provider and payer workflows, Faichi is well positioned to support the design, development and support of all types of healthcare enterprise apps.


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