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Implementing effective Population Health Management takes more than just Analytics

Effective implementation of a Pophealth Management Program (PHM) requires diverse systems that aid in seamless functioning. For example, an effective analytical platform for service providers helps in diagnosing high-risk patients and deploying preventive care. Adoption rate of  best healthcare practices should be high for effective Population Health Management. Dynamic healthcare organizations are able to implement this change with ease.

5 lessons learned while assisting Healthcare startups

In the first 4 years of operations, we had worked with a Population health product which was pivoted from a Wellness product, a Patient Management product, and a Health Management platform. In the last 18 months, we have worked/ working on two TeleHealth products, another Population health, a Behavioral Health, and two Health Management products.


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3 Things to Consider to Leverage Patient Data Collection in Healthcare

Today, patient data can be acquired from various sources, which in turn poses challenges for healthcare organizations in terms of consolidating patient data. It becomes even more challenging considering the different forms as well as types of data encompassing flat files, databases and images among other types.

Overcoming 3 Key EHR implementation Challenges

Instant access is a term viewed with reverence in the Healthcare world, for instant access to medical care can mean a lot to patients. And with the electronic health record (EHR), digital version pertaining to a patient’s paper chart, making patient information instantly available, patient outcomes are being transformed for the better.

With the EHR systems allowing easy access to patient data, streamlining provider workflow, more and more providers want to use EHR implementation towards transforming patient engagement and outcomes.  

'What's in it for me' asks the Patient, Payer and the Provider

Your watch can now alert the physician when you fall sick and need quick access to care. And if there is irregularity in your heart rhythms, wearable can detect that and alert a Telehealth provider. Telehealth, well supported by automated detection, has emerged as the most modern as well as a convenient healthcare experience, transformed access to care and improved patient outcomes.

Payer digital transformation improved productivity, reduced processing time by 20%

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  • Required a flexible solution that catered to different policy types demanded by partner companies
  • Create ‘Group Policies’ or ‘Individual Policies’ with desired components (payment, registrations, underwriting, etc.)



  • Our platform provides API which acts as an interface between client and it’s partner companies to create policies (by exposing data/components)

Delivering culturally competent care via Automation & Telehealth

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  • Provide healthcare to patients from diverse geographies
  • Streamline and automate process of providing interpreters/translators to hospitals and clinics



  • Developed a web platform and mobile app enabling our client, care providers and translators to interact, co-ordinate, track and manage their activities
  • Algorithm driven automated recruitment of translators

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