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5 Keys to Unlock Value from Content Management System

Today, content management system (CMS) is playing a key role in guiding organizations to manage content, digital assets and in enabling easy management of websites. But CMS solutions have more rewards in store – considering the significant role it can play in marketing, customer engagement, brand awareness and revenue generation.

How to reap value from CMS?

Adopting the right approach for selecting CMS

The Digital Enabling Tripod

The focus of the Summit was Digital, which covered business and technology imperatives. There was a healthy exchange of insightful thoughts on the subject throughout the day, which I feel, has helped me adjust my benchmarks on the subject a bit. Amongst industry leaders, Digital does seem to have a range of interpretations. There does appear to be a common, broad understanding of what it means, but I find that there is variety in the points of focus in terms of the implications, the challenges and the opportunities that Digital presents.

Multi-hypervisor deployments posing challenge or boon

Using a variety of technologies and also due to cost variances, data center administrators are increasingly finding themselves with a spectrum of virtual machines in their infra environment. 
For a storage vendor it is essential to create interfaces with commonly deployed hypervisors.

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