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Faichi Solutions, is a technology company specialising in solutions and accelerators for the Healthcare companies, especially the providers, payers to life sciences organizations.

We also specialize in the development and integration of enterprise products and web applications, with over 40 products and 70 web + mobile apps released for our customers.

Faichi is the latest pearl to be added to the String of Pearls strategy of Saksoft Group. Faichi’s Healthcare solutions and Drupal expertise plays a crucial role in enhancing overall capabilities of the group companies.

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Build, Scale, Integrate, and Sustain!

Faichi Solutions is a technology company that specializes in outsourced product engineering services and open source development. Established in 2011, we have achieved exponential growth (CAGR: 145% over 5 years)

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Payer digital transformation improved productivity, reduced processing time by 20%


  • Required a flexible solution that catered to different policy types demanded by partner companies
  • Create ‘…
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Delivering culturally competent care via Automation & Telehealth



  • Provide healthcare to patients from diverse geographies
  • Streamline and automate process of…
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The child-mother cord strikes a chord with Trust and Relationship – a lesson from the trust shown by the mother on her child and the relationship that blossoms between the two.

Your watch can now alert the physician when you fall sick and need quick access to care. And if there is irregularity in your heart rhythms, wearable can detect that and alert a Telehealth provider.

This time it was conducted at Orlando Florida convention center which is biggest in the world to the best of my knowledge. 

HIMSS 2019

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