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With a team of healthcare functional and technologists from our group company Faichi, we have developed. cutting-edge healthcare products and solutions for our clients worldwide.

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Developed a multi-modal language access platform that helps hospitals & Physician offices to implement Telehealth solution with multilingual remote language interpretation. Client is translation company, delivering patient care via comprehensive translation and interpretation.

A Public Services Healthcare institution wanted to refurbish its data-and-analytics ecosystem to improve outcomes across hospital functions. We built an Azure-powered ‘Single analytics ecosystem’, deployed automations, delivered multiple ML-driven KPIs to enhance patient care and patient experience.

Developed a Digital Care Management Platform that enables wellness and Chronic care management patients to log their day to day activities such as food intake, exercises, medicines, etc. and receive suggestions and recommendations about achieving better health from the care management team of clinicians (nutritionists, fitness experts and health experts) based on their personalized Care Plan

A leading health tech company wanted to augment decision support for dermatologists engaged in remote pre-consulting. Our AI and Image processing solution enabled automation and accuracy of image classification facilitating image predictions on the fly. Applied AI and Image processing techniques to classify cancer type on massive medical image quantity.

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